modern day lotr au where the fellowship is actually a group of college guys taking a road trip and merry and pippin use all the gas money on food


*cutely flips u off* 

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oh my goodness I never expected to see a message like this ;_; Hello love //snugsss really glad to see you’re still around ghvjbn I lost my info to this acct for awhile, so that’s why I’ve been so inactive sob but I have a newer personal over at!  I’ll re follow you in a few seconds :33

hnnn sorry for really abrupt inactivity

I lost the info for this blog and I’m too stupid to remember everyone’s urls… but if you wanna follow me still, my new personal is ucchusma ..! I’m gonna do a mass unfollow on this blog and use it more for multifandom and a lot of shit posting

I won’t unfollow if I don’t have you added on my other blog tho, cause I’m mobile and can’t add ppl atm




Abandoned farm home outside of town. There were 8 cars left there (The blue one pictured has a pitch fork in the windshield). There was still toilet paper in the bathroom, and pictures littered the counter. The basement wall had caved in and I couldn’t really go down there. All the mirrors and windows were broken, everything was left there. I have no idea what happened.

man nosiness like this is what gets niggas killed in movies you saw help carved into the fucking wall and still kept nancy drewing your little ass around that demon portal


prompt 2: heat

Getting a little heavy here so I couldn’t stop myself from adding that joke pic, lol. Anyway, 5 prompts to go now…!


also here’s a picture of me twerking with the Crunchyroll Free! cosplayers from Day 2 enjoy


Basically my first day summed up

eddie omfg