why is the mac beta for GW 2 so shitty


I can already tell I’m gonna hate myself for watching this movie

for about two seconds I thought about updating my doodle blog with everything I’ve drawn in the past 6+ months

but it’s all aoex fanart

and like … five oc drawings



of course I wouldn’t press save when it’s something I was actually satisfied with

I hate you and your random freezing firealpaca

what am I doing

I’ve never been so excited to decorate an apartment before

cries because rosy’s garden has the jumbo rosy woolys in stock now

and the price of them + shipping is cheaper than the one I bought 


//goes theme huntinggg

And now if my MacBook would stop freezing that’d be gr8

wahh the chara song previews for Rin and Yukio are actually really presh, and p. nice sounding so far… I like them both a lot